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The MENART rail mower has been developed to mow effectively and safely under guardrails and around obstacles along roads and motorways while it's tractor follows a straight course.

photo faucheuse
photo faucheuse

The SGD is used with any mowing arm at the place of the moving unit and use its hydraulic system. Those characteristics allow reaching places which are barely accessible for a standard machine. Furthermore, it offers a low investment as the DMO does not requires its own hydraulic system. he  

The SGD is used with any mowing arm on the moving unit and uses its hydraulic system.  Those characteristics allow reaching places that are difficult to access for standard machines.  Furthermore, the investment is small as the DMO does not require its own hydraulic system.

In addition, the SGD 650 works with a single mowing disc which makes it possible to mow absolutely everywhere, even around signposts which are too high for two-disc machines.

The SGD 650 makes it possible to achieve working outputs about 20 times higher than with manual workers (2 or 3 men) with a quality of work at least equal, if not better.


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