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MENART is also the official distributor for a wide range of specialist machines used by roadside maintenance contractors.  The distributed brands are famous names such as Rousseau, Seppi, Pezzolato, Kirogn, Gruau and Orenge.

Besides those internationally known name lines, various other machines have been developed in-house by MENART for this workplace...

Scraper-loader ACM

DMS 560

De-weeding machine    DMO 700

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The MENART ACM is designed to level the roadside verges.  It allows a continuously loading of the excavated earth into the truck or bucket.

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Six models (4 driven by PTO and 2 mounted on a crane) designed for rapid removal of stumps in complete safety.

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With new legislations regulating use of pesticides on the public highway, the MENART de-weeding brush has provoked great interest.

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Rail Mower SGD 650

Ditch Cleaner
CM 700 

Vacuum cleaner

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The MENART rail mower has been developed to mow effectively and safely under guardrails and around obstacles.

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The paddles of the  CM 700 remove dirt from the bottom of the ditch and deposit it alongside at a working speed of about 1 km/h.

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The RAM suctions up rubbish laying strewn on the ground as a vacuum cleaner and projects it into a 5 m3 trailer  

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Specific equipment


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MENART considers it a point of honor to seek a solution to any specific need - which sometimes leads to series production of new standard machines.

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