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Etablissements Menart Des solutions globales pour un recyclage optimal, adaptées aux réalités de terrain

Our solutions are based on proven techniques which go hand in hand with a long experience acquired in the field with our clients. They have been developed in order to perfectly adapt to the specific client conditions and to respond to the most severe requirements in the optimum way. Those solutions are centered on four main areas of waste treatment...


Soils Remediation

photo compostage
photo dépollution des sols

A technology based on a natural and biological process which produces a material and created value of organic waste

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A process for the treatment of soils polluted with hydrocarbon contamination which is called bioremediation: a biological, natural and economic process.

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Municipal waste sorting

Industrial waste treatment

photo tri des déchets
photo traitement des DIB

To reduce the quantity of dumped waste is critical. Recycling is thus the solution. However, this requires the efficient separation of that waste.

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A process emphasizing the selection of waste with important energy values and the reduction of their volumes in order to reduce transportation costs and to optimize the combustion in incinerators

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