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1961 - The company was founded in Belgium in the region of Tournai by the father and son team of Adrien and André Ménart.  Activities were sales and maintenance of agricultural machines in the local region.

1970 - With its first diversification, the company becomes an importer of machines for the maintenance of parks, woodlands and roadsides.
1973 - Jean-Claude Ménart,  André's son, joins the company.  An industrial engineer who develops the importation and adaptation of existing machinery lines to the specific needs of clients
1983 - Responding to the environmental trends for the recycling of organic waste materials,  MENART develops a multipurpose shredder allowing the shredding of large quantities of mixed organic waste.
1988 - Move of the company to its new building in Montroeul-au-Bois, Belgium (1,000 m2)
1990 - In its new facilities, MENART diversifies its manufacturing activity and expands their range of products to include drum screens.  Creation of MENART France in Denain.  Further to export sales to France and The Netherlands, MENART develops its export activities in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Africa, Indonesia...
1995 - Manufacture of MENART's first windrow-turner which receives the prestigious "Epi de Bronze" award at the Agribex Fair 1996 and also a special mention at SIMA in Paris 1998.
1997 - Diversification with the creation of an industrial pellet shredder to feed the kiln of CBR cementworks in Antoing,  Belgium.  Sales of the first machines to Quebec, Canada.  Development of a specific turner for the remediation of polluted soils for land regeneration.
1999 - MENART France moves to new much larger facilities at  Petite-Foret, near Valenciennes, and increases the manufacturing levels of MENART machines.
2000 - Opening of representative offices in Vietnam and Nicaragua.  Bérengère Ménart,  Jean-Claude's daughter, also an industrial engineer, joins the company in order to develop and manage projects outside Europe.
2003 - Awarded contract for the pre-treatment phase of the Centre for Organic Valorization in Dunkirk, France - the start of MENART's tailor-made installations for large scale projects.
2004 - Opening of a collective representative office in Senegal.  R&D development and manufacturing of a specific turner for the treatment of wastewater sludge.
2005 - Commissioning of the first turn-key sorting-composting plant for treatment of 100,000 tons/year of household waste in Lahore, Pakistan.
2006 - Opening of a representative office in Pakistan.  Commissioning of the first turn-key sorting-composting plant for 100,000 tons/year of household waste in Quy Nhon,  Vietnam.  Commissioning of the pre-treatment line machinery for the Centre of Organic Valorization in Lille, France - a project of over 100,000 tons/year.
2007 - Development, design and manufacturing of the world's largest windrow turner for soil remediation - the MENART 10330-SPMC, a 40 ton machine spanning windrows of 10 x 3 meters and treating 12,000 tons of soils /hour. Commissioning of the second turn-key sorting-composting plant in Vietnam (Phu Ly). 
2008 - Various new contracts in development world-wide - Vietnam and Pakistan and new countries such as Peru,  Algeria and Columbia. 
2009 - A variety of  R&D development projects for new model shredders and large turners that will be introduced during the year.

2010 - The company moves to new facilities in dour: 7000m² of buidling with low energy consumption.

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