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The MENART high-speed shredders come in two categories :

- P range; Designed for industrial applications where input quantities are 100 to 250 m3/hour ;
- H range; Shredders designed for horticultural needs having irregular use or input quantities of  up to 30 to 80 m3/hour.

All MENART shredders are available in different versions, sizes and with different power drives of : 

- Diesel engine
- Electric drive
- Power take off (PTO) from standard agricultural tractors.

photo broyeur série P
photo broyeur série H
photo broyeur série H

All models of both range of shredder are based on the same concept and principals. The loading hopper is fed by mechanical means but an exception is the H-101 model which can also be manually fed.  The moving floor feeds the waste into the shredding chamber where the rotor's linear speed is continuously adjustable. At entry to the chamber a heavy compacting rotor, synchronized with the moving floor, contains waste and controls entry to the shredding rotor.  

Strengths of MENART shredders

Very robust and reliable
Designed for the treatment of various types of green waste (dry or wet)
Long life as with all MENART equipment
Use of well known components for availability, service and replacement all over the world
Wide range of models to allow appropriate choice 

More information about the P range
More information about the H range


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