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L'expérience,la compétence, l'adaptabilité au service de l'environnement

Since 1961, MENART has offered tailor-made machinery for on-farm recycling and for professionals in maintenance of our environment.  

Specialized in composting technologies for over 20 years, MENART manufactures its own total recycling machinery chain for the production of compost from urban waste - i.e. shredders, windrow turners, screens, sorting lines and bespoke equipment solutions...

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With a wide range of models and know-how, their clients world-wide can select a range of appropriate machines in order to meet their needs and budget requirements. MENART involvement starts from the preliminary study and analysis and continues through machinery selection, installation, training of personnel and follow-up service.  MENART expertise extends from composting to the remediation of polluted soils for land regeneration.

Computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) offers resources for industrialized machine manufacture, featuring modern designs while adapting to specific user requirements.

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